Licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education License #4806

Dog Styling School


80 clock Hours-10 days full time


The program will cover how to achieve a professionally Bathed and Dried Pet. The purpose is to equip the student with a strong foundation of bathing skills that will enable you to have a Career in Dog Bathing profession.

In addition to learning pet bathing which is the foundation of pet styling, special attention will be focused in learning correct pet handling, safety procedures & speed techniques. The instruction material of professional Dog Bathing consists of:

1. Shampoo procedures
2. Flea treatment
3. Anal gland expulsion
4. Blow drying
5. Finish-brushing
6. Comb-outs
7. Therapeutic shampoos
8. Nail clipping
9. Ear cleaning
10. Safety & Control
11. Pet communication


300 Clock Hours – 8 weeks full time

  1. Pet Oral Hygiene
2. Clipper Techniques
3. De-matting Techniques
4. Curly Coat Cut down
5. Pet Psychology
6. Dog Anatomy
7. Control Positions
8. Shaving Skills
9. Tool Usage and
10. Maintenance
11. Blade Lengths
12. Toe Nails
13. Ear Cleaning
BATHING & DRYING 102   1. De-shedding Skills
2. Drying Techniques, for optimal results
3. Brushing and Combing, get that polished look Shampoo
4. Anal Glands
5. Flea/ Skin Treatments
6. Sanitation
STYLING 103   1. CPR and other subjects of importance
2. Pleasing Customer
3.Creating individuals styles
4. Detachable Blades Skimming Techniques
5. Cut Down Techniques/curly coats & straight
6. Outs
7. Line Shaping
8. Fine Finishing/ Balance
9. Blade Skills
10. Breed Design
11. Thinning Shear Techniques
12. Camouflaging Faults by Styling
13. Add-on Services Job Counseling
A Happy Pet is a Joy to Groom Successful Completion of 101,102 & 103
is needed to receive State approved certificate.


For financial options and part-time information please call 305 290-4245