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Choosing a career in the dog styling profession will give you the choice of being self-employed or be employed as a pet stylist. The choice is yours. This profession offers opportunities and flexibility nationwide. These opportunities are possible because the demand for well qualified dog stylists is far greater than the supply. This demand is Nationwide. The demand has created exceptional opportunities for people who love animals. If your dream is to develop the skills needed to make pets beautiful and have people recognize you both financially and professionally for your professionalism in this career choice. Now is the time to make it come true.

The Golden Paws instructional pet styling program has been refined over the last 50 years. You may ask yourself how you can go to school for 8 weeks and really learn quality dog styling when other school programs are longer. Training in any field is not about time, but about the quality of the program, not everyone can teach a very complicated subject such as pet styling. The Golden Paws Method of teaching is unique. Jacqueline Rauch, author of the Golden Paws Complete Guide to Dog Grooming Book and one of the nation’s top instructors, has broken down each step in the grooming process so the student can quickly learn the styling skills that are needed to create beautifully finished breed designs or customize any style your client desires.

The most important part of any program is for you to receive the very best training. Students come to us worldwide for that training. You owe it to yourself to see why Golden Paws graduates go on to start successful businesses and careers. Once you have made the decision to enter the dog styling profession, the next step is to choose the best school for your training. How do you do this? At each school you need to compare their programs. First review the instructional material, second meet the instructors, and third observe a training class. After comparing each school’s program choose the one that will work best for you. Remember the training you receive will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Golden Paws Teaching Method has been proven successfully for 50 years.

Golden Paws instructional Method teaches proper tool usage to develop high quality pet styling skills and how to apply those skills to create beautiful breed designs and individual client requests. There are approximately 2000 AKC breed designs and thousands of ways a client may like their pet’s style. With the Golden Paws Instructional Method, the student understands how to create all of these designs, and make the client and their pet happy. We maintain the highest standards in quality teaching, professionalism and the care of pets! You will learn the following and more.